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About Mallhattan

Mallhattan is an extraordinary place that combines the spirit of distant travel with the style of a New York district. What you can meet here are extraordinary, original, and unique things. They have been selected by a team of our "agents" especially for you!

Completing the Mallhattan store's offer, we visited dozens of exotic corners of the earth to find products with an unusual design, made with care and attention to detail. Thanks to the cooperation with local producers, we are pleased to provide our clients with unique items inspired by the traditions of many cultures. Our offer includes:

  • bags,
  • handbags,
  • backpacks,
  • sachets,
  • jewellery.
Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. We are convinced that our accessories have a soul and history. Check it out and you won't regret it. duszę  i własną historię. Sprawdź, a nie pożałujesz.
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